Expired Indian packaged food

It is sad to admit that some Indian privately owned businessmen are deceiving at best.  It is evident when you go to most of the Indian groceries in North Bay area (San Rafael, Vallejo, Berkeley etc) and check out the packaged food packets.  Most of them are either,

  • Expired
  • Or there is no expiry date
  • Or expiry date is erased (that’s right, erased)

When you try to inform them that expired package is kept for sale, forget about being apologetic, they are ignorant and rude at best.  Usual responses when I highlight that package expired is “We don’t know”, “Don’t buy that” etc.

Shame on you people who do this.  Let’s be fair.  While you charge way more than what they are worth (for ex., one simple udupi mixture costs $3 while the actual value might be just around $1 or so), at least provide the good service for the money you expect.

I’m not sure what’s the law of California Public Safety and Health department. Hope that they will take some action and curb this shady practice.

So people please please check out the expiry date before you buy.  If there is no expiry date, don’t buy it.  If you find something which is expired, tell them take it off the shelf.  Spread the word and let your friends/family know.

Another tip to businessmen if they haven’t realized already: Please smile. Customer likes it.

Time to count

Even though CNN has named around 10 names for the current crisis, everybody knows it is the whole system which failed.  The so called bankers, politicians and people who went beyond their limit resulting the crisis.

Because of few percentage of people, lots many people are suffering due to lost jobs or investment value (401k or stocks), depreciated house prices and increased rents.  All the things are adding to each other little bit day by day worsening.

As I work in IT industry, it is curious for me to follow the current market situation about jobs.  Techcrunch has started a list of lost tech jobs.  It is alarming rate at which count is getting bigger.  Check it out.

Scribefire test

This is the first test post from the firefox addon Scribefire.

Scribefire sounds like a nice blogging tool, which helps to post the content easily from the browser and it works great with many blogging engines like WordPress or others.

Just a little intro about me: I work as Java Apps Architect at Autodesk and deals with JEE related aspects on day today basis. I have lots of interest photography and eny people who can sketch or draw.

Hope to write more.