Releasing Putani PKI Explorer 1.0.0

When you have to spend some time dealing with Keystores and certificates, every tool which would make your workflow easier, is of a great help. When I was in same situation, it was really tough as you had to deal with many cli commands and that’s when I had determined to write a friendly GUI application.

Soon after I started working on Eclipse and found out about the Eclipse RCP. I really liked the capability and ease it brought to Java UI application development. So there it started my adventure to learn Eclipse RCP and write a GUI app to manage the Keystores and (if possible) PKI objects (like X.509 Certificates, CSRs, CRLs etc).

Today I’m releasing that effort as Putani PKI Explorer. Downloads are available as Windows/Linux/Mac 32/64 binaries. Wiki with features and user guide is on the way. However GUI is easy to use and friendly so I believe you will not have to try hard to understand it and use it.

I dedicate this effort to my father (July is his Shraaddha month), mother and brother. You guys have given me all that you had and you are the reason whatever I’m today. Thank you.

Putani name means a “little one”, affectionate way to call small children. I chose this name for my first niece (Lahari), my son (Kashyap) and second niece (Ritu).