Cricket World Cup 2011 – Chrome Extension

If you know the Cricket game, you would sure to be aware of the on going Cricket World Cup 2011 hosted by India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Usually Google Chrome team releases a extension to make it easy for people to see the details like Fixtures, Teams etc. But not sure why, they haven’t done anything like it this year.

So I thought of writing an extension to do just that. And here is first version. Cricket World Cup 2011

Take a look, try it and let me know what you think (you can post comments in the chrome page itself). If you like it, don’t forget to rate it as you feel appropriate.

Java Text Table Formatter

For one of the open source project I was working on, I wanted a library which would format the given data set in text table format. Even though I found a library which sort of provides this feature ( but features were not good enough. More over from the example it looked very complicated to construct the data set as it was not possible to hook up directly into the existing data set (like beans or list).

So I decided to write one and after four days of night coding, I’m releasing the Text-Table-Formatter at Google code. I dedicate this to Madhu. Happy anniversary. Check it out and let me know your feedback.

Releasing JD Tools

As a technical person working in Java related technologies, I have come across many situations where I was looking for a tool but either was not available or not meeting the expectation. So end up in writing them myself. I have grouped them together and released them in Google Code as JD Tools.

As of now, it has a tool called JarVer but I will be adding more in coming days. So please use it if you find it appropriate.

Expense Share Calculator

Update1 [2014-04-08 00:17:10]: Hosting has been moved from Google code to Github. Password to unprotect the sheet is also documented at Github.

Few years back I stayed in UK working for Unisys. During that time I shared a house with 8 other wonderful folks (Santunu/Mou, Shashi/Ashwini, Subbu, Thangamani, Vinay and Wasiq). While each took a responsibility related to the stay, I took the responsibility to manage the monthly finances. So at end of each month I used to collect that month’s expense details and summarize who paid what and what share others got to pay etc.

I managed couple of months but started to become a big task at the end of month especially with few inclusions (exclusions for that matter). For example, we few of us goto restaurant and only one pays for all others. Now that expense is shared by who all went for dinner/lunch but not by folks who stayed back watching Hindi serials.

So I end up writing an Excel VBA application to take these things into consideration, calculate and split the expenses among all of us. It was a great time saver and more than that, everybody were happy that expenses sharing is automated (and hence unbiased ;)).

Anyways, I have had been thinking to release that file under Apache License terms but kept on procrastinating. Finally, I released that file in Google Code project hosting at Take a look and use it if you find it useful.

Satechi TR-M Timer Remote Control

If you are into night photography or looking for super sharp images, then you must invest in a good remote control for your camera. Both Canon and Nikon makes good remote controls but ones with good features usually are compatible with higher end models. For example, for Nikon D90, Nikon makes only basic shutter release remote which cannot be used for time-lapse photography. To fill the void Satechi has released a remote control for D90, which provides good set of features.

Check out more details at Amazon.

Recently I purchased this product. It included the paper manual. I prefer digital manuals so I don’t have to worry about maintaining the paper ones. I looked around in the net but didn’t find it anywhere. So I scanned and making it available here.