California DMV Test Papers

When I moved to California from Jersey and getting ready to take the California Driver’s written test, I didn’t find good sample test papers to get the feel of the test or to evaluate myself to see where I stood. After the exam, I thought I will collect/create some sample test papers to it would ease anybody else who is attempting to take the exam but managed to procrastinate till today.

I wanted to write some generic code so that extra time need not be spent if I had to add additional sample papers. I was in good mood today to deal with the javascript quirks (really, you got to code in understand the quirks) so wrote up javascript to load the xml data file with all questions and render the (supporting both single and multiple choice) questions and evaluate the answers to findout of tester is passed or failed.

It came out pretty good and I’m quite happy with it. Another interesting twist is that first person who going to use is my wife :) She trying to take the exam sometime this week.

I’m planning to add around 6-7 papers over period. Take a look and pass the url along to whoever might benefit.

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  1. Hi,
    I tried opening the links to th e tests but none of them work. I do not see any error, but the clicking of links have no effect. I am using IE 7.

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